Psychological Testing and Assessment

Our range of services is designed to:
• Clarify impressions regarding complex mental health diagnoses.
• Rule out disorders, such as ADHD and learning disabilities.
• Assess intellectual, neuro-cognitive, and academic functioning.
• Determine special education eligibility for children/adolescents.
• Evaluate emotional and interpersonal functioning.
• Assess the need for accommodations at school or work.

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Couple and Family Therapy

In this type of counseling, you will learn to:
• Communicate effectively with your spouse, partner, and/or children.
• Advocate for yourself and express your needs in relationships.
• Confront and manage interpersonal discord when it occurs.
• Replace troubling relationship patterns with healthier ones.
• Understand emotions that are triggered by family-of-origin issues.

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Psychotherapy for Adults

We offer individual sessions designed to:
• Decrease problematic symptoms.
• Improve your day-to-day functioning.
• Help you develop greater self awareness.
• Foster healthy relationships.
• Increase your personal satisfaction.
• Teach you strategies for coping with stress.
• Bolster your self-esteem.

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Psychotherapy for Children and Teens

This type of counseling is designed to help children and adolescents to:
• Improve family and peer relationships.
• Improve academic performance.
• Regulate their behavior more effectively.
• Become aware of their emotions.
• Communicate what they are feeling.
• Think and reflect before acting.
• Manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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