Psychological Testing and Assessment

ADHD Assessment for children, teens & adults

In these assessments, our clinicians administer a variety of tests to evaluate attention and concentration problems in children, teens, and adults to first rule out problems that often mimic ADHD, such as depression and anxiety, which when present must be addressed separately. These assessments are also ideal for individuals who have received a rapid diagnosis of ADHD from a primary care physician, but have not yet consulted a mental health specialist. When these assessments confirm a diagnosis of ADHD, then an ADHD-specific treatment plan is drawn up and implemented by our clinicians.

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differential diagnostic evaluations

When a variety of complex behavioral, cognitive, and emotional problems present themselves in an individual, careful clarification is necessary as a prerequisite to beginning appropriate psychological treatment. Systematically addressing each component problem allows ABH clinicians to clarify diagnosis and select the appropriate treatment for the patient, which has the highest likelihood of a positive outcome.

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Learning disorder evaluations

The early identification of academic underachievement in reading, mathematics, and written language is essential for children and teens experiencing difficulty in school. To maximize the success of children, ABH clinicians develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) so that they may receive appropriate support in the school environment.

We also work with adults experiencing learning problems to help them clarify the nature of their issues and assist them in getting the services they may need to succeed in college settings.

Depression & Anxiety screening

Sadness and fear are a part of the typical experience of most people at some point during life. Grief, loss, and bereavement too are very natural experiences, but sometimes each of these feeling states can spiral out of control and may be a component of a clinically significant depression or anxiety disorder. This screening assessment determines whether the feelings described here are atypical and if a clinical intervention is needed. Let ABH clinicians guide you toward a better understanding of these emotional issues.

additional psychological assessments offered