Our Clinicians

Dr. Steven Migalski:

Dr. Steven Migalski, Owner and Executive Director

Born and raised in Chicago, Dr. Migalski graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1990. The grandson of immigrants from Italy and Poland, he feels a strong connection to the rich cultural diversity of the city, and he has been a resident of Uptown and Edgewater for 25 years. Dr. Migalski studied clinical psychology at Auburn University, Alabama and earned his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology after completing his residency at Northwestern University’s Division of Counseling and Psychological Services in Evanston, Illinois. He served as Director of Psychology for several years at The Josselyn Center and is now in his 17th year on the faculty in the Department of Psychology at Adler University where he teaches psychological assessment, psychotherapy, qualitative research methods, and LGBTQ+ psychology. 

Dr. Migalski is a member of both the American Psychological Association and the Illinois Psychological Association; and his research/clinical interests include mood, anxiety, and personality disorders, relational trauma and bullying, broad issues affecting members of the LGBTQ+ community, intersectionality of racial, gender, and sexual identities, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, gender fluidity in children/adolescents, and the differential diagnosis of ADHD. He works from a contemporary psychoanalytic framework and believes that the therapeutic alliance is the preeminent mechanism through which growth and healthy change occur in all of the psychotherapies. Additionally, Dr. Migalski is an oral historian who studies LGBTQ+ narratives, especially stories of activism, coming out, living with HIV/AIDS, and resilience.

He has been a mental health contributor to “The Afternoon Shift” on WBEZ, Chicago’s NPR affiliate, and has presented on the DSM-5 at NYU/Post-Graduate Medical School, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC, and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. Recently, he was keynote speaker at the National Conference of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association in Charlotte, NC. In his free time, he enjoys biking the lakefront path, travel, cooking, and exploring Chicago’s neighborhoods. 

Leadership Team

Dr. Catherine Radosevich

Supervising Psychologist | 815.494.9751

Dr. Catherine Radosevich is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Illinois. She earned her B.A. in Clinical Psychology at University of Illinois at Chicago before going on to her masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. Her graduate research focused on the intersections of substance use, self-harm, and changes in emotional regulation behaviors during and after substance use treatment. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and Illinois Psychological Association. While working in therapeutic day schools for three consecutive years, she received extensive training in working therapeutically with children and families who are neuroatypical, with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD]. She is now working full time in private practice and also finds great joy in helping people of all ages with trauma, mood disorders, relationship conflicts, life adjustments, or difficulties with grief and loss. She provides individual, couples, and family therapy as well as co-leads psychoeducational groups for parents. Dr. Radosevich uses psychodynamic and integrated approaches to therapy by using both theoretical and cultural frameworks to understand and support her clients. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to foreign countries, preparing vegan food, and caring for her senior guinea pig.

Dr. Samantha Soll

Supervising Psychologist | 630.984.0345

Dr. Samantha Soll is a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of Illinois. She began her education by earning her B.S. at the University of Iowa, where she was part of a research team focusing on the development of spatial perception and spatial memory in children. Dr. Soll holds a Master’s degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Adler University. Her research at Adler University focused on how to improve the training of therapists to better work with LGBTQ+ populations. In practice, Dr. Soll specializes in working with those who have experienced trauma, domestic violence, and postpartum depression, as well as with the LGBTQ+ community in general. Dr. Soll has experience working in a variety of settings, such as schools, community centers, and trauma treatment centers. These experiences have given her unique perspectives to guide her work with both clients and in supervision. Dr. Soll practices from an interpersonal and Adlerian approach to therapy, and also utilizes other clinical approaches when appropriate. She greatly values working with her clients, developing a healthy therapeutic relationship, and watching people grow. In her free time she enjoys maintaining her indoor and outdoor gardens, cooking projects, being with her family, and laughter.

Dr. Gregory Bozza

Psychotherapist | 516.982.4367

Dr. Bozza is a graduate of the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Adler University — and psychotherapist at Andersonville Behavioral Health where he has been a staff therapist for several years. Gregory earned his B.A. in psychology from Saint Leo University, and then earned an M.A. in counseling psychology from the Adler University. Gregory has engaged in many philanthropic endeavors during both his professional and personal lives, and has worked in a variety of clinical settings with diverse populations including children/adolescents, in a therapeutic day-school, in forensic and acute inpatient settings, in primary care settings and with patients experiencing developmental delays. Gregory subscribes to an integrative approach to treatment with an emphasis on contemporary psychodynamics and object relations. His clinical interests include psychological assessment, personality disorders, mood disturbances, and trauma. In his free time, Gregory is a musician and enjoys both listening to and creating music.

Oscar Anderson, M.A., Therapist | 502.681.2570

Oscar is a fourth-year doctoral student at Adler University, and they are in the Child and Adolescent emphasis. They received their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in Italian from Kenyon College in 2017. Before coming to ABH, Oscar worked in a variety of settings including: a behavioral health unit in a children's hospital, the Catholic school system in Chicago, and a community mental health center. They have experience in comprehensive, school-based assessment for learning disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other behavior concerns. Recently, they provided individual and family therapy for child survivors of sexual abuse and psychoeducational groups around abuse and trauma. Their approach in therapy revolves around understanding how someone experiences their family, the roles that someone plays in their relationships, and how they understand themselves in relation to others around them. Oscar's areas of clinical interest include family therapy, psychological assessment, masculinity, and LGBTQ+ mental health. Their areas of research interest are around disordered eating patterns, cultural influences, teenage boys, LGBTQ+ identities, and personality disorders. In their free time, Oscar enjoys cooking, playing TTRPGs, and napping on the beach

Cikylie Brooks, M.S., Therapist | 404.735.0163

Cikylie Brooks is a second-year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Adler University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. She also holds a master’s of science degree in Community Psychology from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. Her previous clinical experiences include working as a mental health assistant and behavioral health technician at a residential treatment facility. As a mental health assistant, she had the pleasure of assisting and supervising clients with their daily activities and accompanying them to appointments. As a behavioral health technician, she served as a group facilitator for three residential buildings. The group topics included social skills, independent living skills, diagnosis education, substance abuse, health, and more. She also planned and accompanied events for clients as a behavioral health technician. As both a mental health assistant and behavioral health technician, she worked with various ethnicities, diagnoses, and ages—young adult to senior. Cikylie’s clinical interests and research include race-related issues, trauma, attenuated psychosis, forensic, and early intervention. Outside of her clinical work, Cikylie enjoys cooking delicious seafood and vegan dishes, connecting with family and friends, and traveling.

Kyle Chupron, M.A., Therapist | 630.474.2505

Kyle is a fourth-year doctoral Clinical Psychology student at Adler University. Kyle is from Scranton, PA and earned his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Scranton. Kyle also holds M.A. level degrees in Theology and Clinical Psychology from the University of Scranton and Adler University respectively. Prior to working at Andersonville Behavioral Health, Kyle has been employed in inpatient mental health helping settings and community mental health settings providing individual and family therapy services as well as psychodiagnostic assessment services. Kyle’s areas of therapeutic interest and specialization include working with LGBTQ+ populations with religious trauma, incorporating spirituality into the therapeutic process, and studying gender development and presentation. Kyle practices psychology predominantly from third-wave CBT and Adlerian perspectives but is well versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities and is willing to work with individual clients to determine best-fit therapeutic practice. Outside of the office, Kyle spends his free time cooking, painting, and playing video and tabletop games.

Emma DePierro, M.A. Therapist | 203.623.4362

Emma is a counselor with over 5 years of human relations experience and 1000+ hours of direct clinical experience. She holds an undergraduate honors psychology degree with presidential honors distinction from the University of New Hampshire, a Masters of Arts degree with honors standing in Clinical Psychology and Counseling Practice from Roosevelt University, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Adler University and is in her second year. In addition, she has previous research experience and 2 years of supervised practical experience under a doctoral level supervisor. Emma has experience working with individuals addressing depression, relationship challenges, anxiety, and trauma across various cultural parameters and identifiers. She has experience working with clients with a range of LGBTQ+, ethnic, and racial identities. Emma enjoys approaching therapeutic practice with a collaborative and positive style, emphasizing the influences of cognition and systemic forces, to promote increased understanding of the self and mental wellness. In her free time, Emma enjoys hiking, reading, sharing a puzzle with friends, and backyard exploring with her cat.

Nicholas Glassburn, M.A. Therapist | 773.991.2798

Nicholas is in his fourth year of doctoral studies in clinical psychology at Adler University. Nicholas earned his B.A. in psychology from Northeastern Illinois University in 2012 and his M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Adler University. Nicholas grew up in the Andersonville and Lincoln Square neighborhoods of Chicago, and he attended Amundsen High School in the 40th ward. Due to these roots, Nicholas is especially excited to be giving back to the neighborhoods which raised him, by serving them and others in a humanistic and professional capacity. Prior to coming to Andersonville Behavioral Health, Nicholas completed his diagnostic externship on Chicago's North Shore conducting neuropsychological and socio-emotional testing, primarily for children and adolescents. Nicholas subscribes to a specific integrative approach to treatment which combines affective neuroscience and object relations within a framework grounded in evolutionary theory. His clinical interests include psychological assessment, personality disorders, mentalization based treatment, and disorders of attachment. In his free time, Nicholas is an avid reader of classical psychoanalytic works, works on philosophy of mind and ethics, and he is a member of the Music Box Theater, where he satisfies his passion for film

Jacqueline Harper, M.A., Therapist | 989.858.9407

Jacqueline is a fourth-year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Alder University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from American University in the District of Columbia. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University. During her time with assessment and therapy, she has worked with a range of ethnicities, ages, and diagnosis. Previously, Jacqueline worked in a community mental health center providing psychological assessments and therapy to children, adolescents, and adults that align with mood disorders and trauma. Jacqueline’s clinical interests and research include mood disorders, sexual trauma, stigma, racial related issues, trauma, refugees and immigrants, human trafficking and exploitation. Her therapeutic approach is integrative of humanistic, third wave CBT, and behavioral therapy. Outside of psychology, Jacqueline enjoys running, international travels, and cooking/baking.

CJ Hilliard, M.A., Therapist | 513.805.3753

CJ is a third-year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Adler University with an emphasis in Adlerian psychology. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ohio University. He holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University. Previously, CJ provided group therapy and administered comprehensive psychological assessment to children and adolescents within an inpatient setting. During his time with assessment, he has worked with a range of ethnicities, ages, and diagnosis. CJ’s clinical interest include identity formation, socialization, racial related issues, historical trauma, and incarceration. CJ practices from a humanistic and existential psychotherapeutic approach, while emphasizing the importance of the therapeutic relationship, the client’s unique phenomenological perspective, and the here and now. Outside of work, CJ enjoys playing basketball with friends, making music, reading graphic novels and philosophy, and watching FC Bayern as well as the English Premier League.

Spencer B Keiser, B.A., Therapist | 973-713-1140

Spencer is a fourth-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. Born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, he graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology, with a minor in History. Prior to working with Andersonville Behavioral Health, he worked at an inpatient hospital conducting psychological assessments primarily with children and adolescents and facilitating group therapy. Spencer practices therapy from a psychodynamic and existential orientation, with a focus on fostering insight and exploring object relations. In his work with chronic illness, he also uses acceptance and commitment therapy. His areas of clinical interest include affective disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, issues of chronic illness, and male psychology. Outside of work, Spencer enjoys playing drums and composing music, playing video games with his friends, and finding concerts and shows to attend.

Brittany Leibowitz, M.A., Therapist | 704.280.7857

Brittany is a fourth year student doctoral student in clinical psychology at Alder University. She holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a minor in Spanish. Previously, Brittany has clinical training in diagnostic assessment with children, adolescents, and adults in an inpatient psychiatric setting. She has also worked as an individual and group therapist at a residential substance abuse treatment center. Brittany has clinical skills in group settings as well as trauma and comorbid mental health diagnoses. Her research background has focused in mindfulness, resiliency, and medical trauma. In speaking toward clinical interests, Brittany enjoys working with trauma, mood disorders, medical related illnesses, as well as family and couples therapy. Brittany uses an integrative therapeutic approach with specific interests in a psychodynamic therapy. Brittany is from Charlotte, North Carolina and enjoys cooking, weight-training, watching anything on Bravo, and spending time with loved ones.

Nicholas Marselle B.A., Therapist | 312.636.1806

Nicholas is in the second year of his doctoral studies in clinical psychology at Adler University. He graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, and a minor in Spanish. Before joining ABH, he worked in a grade school as a student aide, providing academic support and assistance for a child with autism. Nicholas’s primary areas of interest include anxiety and mood disorders along with OCD and ADHD. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys playing hockey and tennis, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

Matthew Muracco, M.A. Therapist | 570.903.2477

Matthew is a third-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. Matthew graduated from Penn State Scranton in 2019 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Prior to Andersonville Behavioral Health, Matthew worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital where he conducted psychological assessments primarily with adolescents. Matthew also performed group therapy sessions with adolescents and adults, covering such topics as mood disorders, aggression, impulse control, and trauma. Matthew’s clinical interests include positive psychology, mindfulness, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. In his free time, Matthew enjoys going to the movies, playing video games with his friends, and rooting for the Buffalo Bills.

John Nofar, M.A., Therapist | 586.703.2221

John is a fourth-year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Adler University. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy. He holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University. In psychotherapy and assessment John works with a broad range of diagnoses and ages. John completed two years of training in psychological assessment and therapy at Andersonville Behavioral Health and is currently training at Advocate Hospital in the Behavioral Health Unit as well. Previously, John conducted comprehensive psychological assessments as well as individual and couple’s psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults experiencing mood disorders, personality disorders, and ADHD differential assessments. John practices from an integrative psychodynamic approach that is influenced by aspects of family systems theories and a client centered approach. His areas of clinical interest include LGBTQ issues in relation to minority stress, and attachment theory. Outside of his clinical work, John enjoys working out, cooking and baking his way through various cookbooks, and reading.

Ambernesha Patterson, B.S., Therapist | 601.551.7595

Ambernesha is a second-year doctoral student in the PsyD Clinical Psychology program at Adler University. She received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from The Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi. Ambernesha commissioned into the United States Army Reserve Medical Corps as an Army Medical Officer before beginning at Adler. Before starting at ABH she interned at Family Counseling Connections Center, assisting in leading the after-school children's Bridge to Gap Program, in addition to other duties. Ambernesha is primarily interested in both military and forensic psychology, as well as diagnostic and psychological assessment. In her free time, Ambernesha really enjoys engaging in physical fitness activities, reading, and traveling.

Shaye Sakos, M.A., Therapist | 937.510.0944

Shaye is a fourth-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in child and adolescent psychology at Adler University, where she also received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a double minor in Sociology and Statistics from Wittenberg University in 2018. Prior to Andersonville Behavioral Health, Shaye conducted psychological assessments for children and adolescents in an inpatient behavioral hospital. She also has provided individual and group therapy to individuals of all ages in a private practice setting. Shaye’s approach to therapy is characterized by encouragement and genuine curiosity. She believes in the innate resilience of her clients and strives to support them in the telling of their stories. Grief is a special interest of Shaye’s, and she believes grief is a part of human life that applies to experiences beyond the death of a loved one. For example, Shaye enjoys working with bereavement, anticipatory grief, relational grief, and grief related to loss and change. Additional clinical interests include psychological assessment, issues of identity, trauma, anxiety, and mood disorders. Shaye practices from a trauma-informed, relational, psychodynamic approach that is also influenced by third-wave CBT. In her free time, Shaye enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, playing board games, and spending time with her dogs.