Psychotherapy for Adults

Our approach

Psychotherapy for adults must always focus on helping people to live more satisfying and meaningful lives. Greater satisfaction and meaning in life are derived not merely through reducing troubling symptoms but by identifying and modifying relationship patterns that are often both distressing and destructive. Psychotherapy at Andersonville Behavioral Health provides a keen and objective listener who helps uncover blind spots, teaches healthy coping strategies, and motivates the patient to try things differently in daily life by putting into practice newly learned behaviors.

Ultimately, we believe that psychotherapy for adults must not only get rid of problematic symptoms, but also shore up inner resources and capacities to help people face life’s challenges with greater freedom and flexibility.

a unique perspective

We recognize the complex nature of psychological problems and acknowledge that problems routinely have more than one cause, including difficulties in thinking, perceiving, feeling, and relating. Many of these have their origin in various and often complex contexts of the past.

Our clinicians use an evidence-based approach to counseling that treats every patient as an individual with a unique narrative – never employing a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to treatment.

At our clinic, both patient and clinician collaborate to construct goals for psychotherapy, which requires paying attention to the thoughts, feelings, relationship patterns, self-esteem, coping strategies, and risk behaviors that may serve as roadblocks to happiness.

Psychotherapy at Andersonville Behavioral Health operates from an integrative perspective – combining psychodynamic, family systems, and cognitive-behavioral principles. Our clinicians believe that the psychology of the individual is the product of the past, present, and anticipated future.