Dr. Migalski in the Media

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Chicago Tribune

Dr. Migalski discusses his reasons to pursue a career in clinical psychology, the role his practice plays in the community, and his efforts to help correct the over diagnosis of ADHD in both adolescents and adults.

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WGN Radio

The Over-Diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, and Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Dr. Migalski discussed reasons for the trend of the over diagnosis of ADHD and related disorders in children and teens with WGN’s Hannah Stanley. He also discussed strategies parents may use to help ensure their child’s is correct.

WBEZ 91.5: Afternoon Shift


Entertainment districts, the new DSM and suburban poverty

Dr. Migalski shared his thoughts and concerns on the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the DSM-V adding new mental disorders without much research.

WBEZ 91.5: Eight-Forty-Eight


Does the DSM-5 stigmatize human behaviors and emotions (again)?

Dr. Migalski discusses how changes in the DSM-V haave disenfranchised his patients with Asperger’s, a disorder no longer listed in the manual. He also discusses his approach in showing compassion and respect while explaining how changes in the DSM-V will affect patients’ day-to-day lives.