Gender-Based Services

Child Gender Clinic

Addressing the Needs of Gender-Variant Youth

ABH works to provide a broad range of clinical services to gender variant and transgender youth and their families. We believe that educating the family is essential; psycho-educational topics may include biological sex, gender identity, gender roles, and sexual identity.

This specialty clinic will provide comprehensive outpatient services to gender-variant children and teens across Chicago and neighboring communities. We aim to help youths and their families create and maintain a “safe space” in their day-to-day lives.


Services Include:

    • Individual psychotherapy to address the needs of the youth
    • Helping the youth give voice to personal experience
    • Gender-based education and consultation for parents
    • Family and supportive counseling for parents and siblings
    • Differential diagnosis when other mental health issues co-occur
    • Active response to gender-based oppression and trauma
    • Consulting with teachers and school administrators
    • Comprehensive psychological assessment
    • Community-based advocacy
    • Bullying-prevention tactics
    • Isolation and loneliness prevention
    • Sexual health education for teens
    • Psychological management of pubertal suspension in teens
    • Management of disclosure to extended family